Hydroflight is a fairly new water sport revealed to the world in 2011. This water sport is called Hydroflight. Defined as any device using water propulsion to propel a person into flight above the water surface. Recently, the world has taken notice of the sport since the creation of the Flyboard Air, which was showcased back in April of 2016 by Hydroflights leading production company, Zapata Racing, and Flyboard Inventor, Franky Zapata. The Flyboard Air is a turbine jet engine powered hoverboard that is breaking world records every time it takes off. There is no telling how far we will go.



HydroFlight is an amazing experience for almost Everyone, from grandchildren to grandparents. As long as there is good prior instruction, HydroFlight is fun for everyone. I have flown the partially blind, the ones who can't swim, with one arm, the screamers, the criers, the ones scared of water. You name it I have flown it. After a ten-minute instruction course, you are ready to hit the water. Within roughly 1-3 minutes, you are flying around like a superhero 10-30ft out of the water. Are you ready yet? Being a Hydroflight instructor is rewarding in so many different ways. One of the biggest rewards to me is to see the reaction from achievement on peoples faces, once they lift off and take flight for the very first time.  It's the ones I fly that don't experience this feeling of achievement very often, or if ever.  This always makes me realize I love what I do. Step outside of your comfort zone and Fly with me today.

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